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Productivity • Wellness • Nature

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For Employees

Trips to Granha retreats are escapes out of the everyday routine. You can recharge your batteries without sacrificing connectivity or productivity. Boost your creativity and focus by leaving behind home distractions (such as chores and family demands) and work distractions (such as useless meetings and gossip). We're happy to help you communicate to your employer the benefits of visiting Granha.  


For Businesses

Workplace experience has become an essential factor in the competition for today’s top recruits. However, sabbaticals, remote work-travel programs, and corporate retreats in far-flung places can be unrealistic and expensive. Granha is creating productivity and wellness centered retreats that are easily accessible by car or public transportation and designed to re-energize employees and inspire them to do their best work.


For Startups

Does your team work out of a centralized office? Do you manage a distributed workforce? Have you fully embraced location independence and virtual teams? No matter where your company fits across the workplace mobility spectrum, you can use Granha trips to engage, nurture, and inspire your most valuable asset: your workforce.


For Freelancers

You already work from home, a coworking space, or your favorite third space. Now, Granha is providing you the perfect place to escape the city and give your productivity a boost.  Eliminate that creativity block. Meet a tight deadline. Suggest a brainstorming session and a hike with your client. Or simply, reward your hard work.


Granha Locations


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